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    Results of a superposed epoch (SPE) analysis of occurrence of phase scintillation and cycle slips at high latitudes keyed by arrival times of high-speed solar wind streams (HSS) and interplanetary coronal mass...

    Authors: Paul Prikryl, P Thayyil Jayachandran, Sajan C Mushini and Ian G Richardson

    Citation: Earth, Planets and Space 2014 66:62

    Published on:

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    A long-duration upstream ultralow frequency (ULF) wave event was detected on 15 February 2009 by Cluster satellites, close to the bow shock nose. A clear wave activity was identified when the interplanetary ma...

    Authors: Mauro Regi, Marcello De Lauretis, Patrizia Francia and Umberto Villante

    Citation: Earth, Planets and Space 2014 66:43

    Published on:

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    The propagation of compressional Pi 2 waves in the inner magnetosphere is investigated by analyzing the onset delay times between the ground and the geosynchronous altitude. We use the compressional component ...

    Authors: Shun Imajo, Kiyohumi Yumoto, Teiji Uozumi, Hideaki Kawano, Shuji Abe, Akihiro Ikeda, Kiyokazu Koga, Haruhisa Matsumoto, Takahiro Obara, Richard Marshall, Victor A Akulichev, Ayman Mahrous, Adam Liedloff and Akimasa Yoshikawa

    Citation: Earth, Planets and Space 2014 66:20

    Published on:

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